New Arrivals ~ HobbyMaster and GeminiJets (Apr 2015) April 18 2015

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HobbyMaster 1/48 Scale Models

HA8601 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Royal Air Force, R4175, Sergeant Josef František, No.303 (Polish) Sqn, RAF Northolt, Sep 1940

HA8602 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Royal Air Force, P2961, Flying Officer William Lidstone "Willie" McKnight, No.242 Sqn, RAF Coltishall, Dec 1940

HobbyMaster 1/72 Scale Model Aircrafts

HA2120B F-100D Super Sabre U.S. Air Force, 1st Lt. Joe H. Engle, 474th Fighter Day Wing, 31st TFW, George AFB, August 1958

HA4406 Lockheed F-35A Lightning II A35-001, RAAF, 2014

HA2009 B5N2 Type 97 Attack Bomber "Kate" Aircraft Carrier "Ryujo" Flying Group, 1942

HA3522 McDonnell Douglas CF-18b Canadian Armed Forces "AETE"

HA1944 McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II, U.S. Air Force, 66-0300, 57th FIS, Iceland, 1970s

HA3855 Lockheed F-16A Block 15 #816, Dryden Flight Research Center, NASA 2006

HA1613 Mirage 2000-5 ROCAF Republic of China Air Force "2020" EI20

HobbyMaster 1/72 Scale Model Military Vehicles

HG4407 LVT(A)-2 Landing Vehicle Tracked Mark 2, 10th Marine Amtrack Bttn., "Beach Yellow 1", Iwo Jima, 1945

HG4408 LVT(A)-4 Landing Vehicle Tracked Mark 4, 2nd Armored Amphibian Bttn., Tinian Island, August 1944

GeminiJets 1/400 Scale Model

GJAAL1362 Boeing 777-200ER AMERICAN Airlines "Oneworld" (N796AN)

GJAAL1455 Airbus A330-300 AMERICAN Airlines "New Colors" (N270AY)

GJDAL1415 Boeing 777-200ER DELTA Airlines (N865DA)

GJPAA1206 Boeing 747-100 PAN AM World Airways "Clipper Mermaid" (N652PA)

GeminiJets 1/200 Scale Model

G2AAL520 Boeing 787-8 AMERICAN Airlines "New Colors" (N800AN) Gemini 200

G2HAL516 Airbus A330-200 HAWAIIAN Airlines (N382HA) Gemini 200

G2QFA524 Boeing 737-800(W) QANTAS "Retro" (VH-XZP) Gemini 200

G2UAL498 Boeing 757-300(W) UNITED Airlines (N75858) Gemini 200

G2UPS433 McDonnell Douglas MD-11F UPS (N277UP) Gemini 200

G2VIR518 Boeing 787-9 VIRGIN ATLANTIC (G-VNEW) Gemini 200